Manchester Velodrome, March 2nd 2003

by Carol Hague

This year, as in the previous three, Rob will be competing in the BHPC racing. However, this year will be a little different. After waiting three hours for a train home from Derby last year, we finally threw in the towel as far as transport to the races is concerned and bought a van. This meant two things. Firstly it was now feasible for Rob to build a full fairing for his Greenspeed GLR. Secondly, as the only driver in the family, I would be attending all the races this year, and thus decided to have a go at this racing stuff myself...

The construction of the fairing was delayed by a cold that knocked us both down for several days, but it was, if not entirely finished, at least in a useable state for the first race of the year, at Manchester Velodrome.

The fairing for Rob's GLR is constructed of aluminium strips, coroplast and a material called Solarfilm, which is more usually used in the construction of model aeroplanes. Building the fairing also necessitated the acquistion of a new toy in the form of a rivet gun to fasten the aluminium pieces together. The result thus far resembles nothing so much as a giant yellow sandal. However, Rob has already noted several improvements to be made before our next outing (to Eastway), so this probably won't last.

pasted-graphic The Big Yellow Sandal