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Trike Manufacturers

There are a lot of these, so they’ve got their own page.
It’s not complete yet, and if you know of any that I’ve missed, or spot any mistakes please let me know and I’ll get them added as fast as I can.



The International Human Powered Vehicle Association

Information, reference and mailing lists for all forms of human powered transport.


The British Human Power Club

Racing and touring club for recumbent and other “alternative” human powered machines



UK Club for all types of cyclist. Some emphasis on touring.


Cycle Derby

Local cycling association. Offers training in riding and bike maintenance.

Freetrike Rehab Cycling

Based in Devon, this group works to get people with disabilities back into the gret outdoors by means of recumbent trikes.

Tea Shops

Cake My Ride

A useful website on which you can find cafes on your route.



Velo Vision

Independent bi-monthly cycling magazine
News updates on the web site.

A to B Magazine

Magazine for folding cycles.

BentRider Online

Recumbent website

Technical Information

Harris Cyclery

The late Sheldon Brown’s site with a wealth of cycling information

Greenspeed Owners’ Resources Site

Many links to Greenspeed Info.

Cycling Related Items

David Hembrow’s Baskets

A variety of handmade wicker baskets, including one to fit a Bob trailer.


Select Solar

A variety of solar panels and solar powered gadgets, including flexible panels suitable for use on velomobiles.

Ventilated seat pads for recumbent bikes and trikes

DiNotte Lighting

Bright lights to be seen and to see by.
We’ve always had excellent customer service from them.

Trike Owners

Peter Marshall

Tall stories, Low Tales and Trike Links


Jason Patient

Cycling images - picture library and commissions