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We currently have the Full Fat as a demo model and an Adventure will be arriving to keep it company soon. But you can order any of the ICE range from us, if you feel so inclined!

Choose your trike and options using ICE's nifty
Configurator or pick one of their off-the-shelf Fast Track models

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HIgh ground clearance, big tyres, folding frame and a huge range of options on this marvellously unconventional (even for a recumbent trike) machine!

Go offroad, ride on sand, mud, snow - one of these tough machines has even been to the South Pole!

Available with e-assist too!

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HIgh ground clearance also features on the Adventure, although the tyres are a little smaller …

With its high seat position and curved crossbar to give easy access, it's suitable for riders with varying levels of dexterity.

Also available with Shimano Steps e-assist